Nextstars Language school

Our academy is a multicultural and diverse environment. We speak multiple languages and we offer language courses for all of our players either in Spanish or in English. Players will study here weekdays from 9:30am to 11:00am and from Monday to Friday.

Further academic studies 

We are a professional football academy but we know that academics are a matter of utter importance; hence, we encourage that our players do online courses of their choosing during their free time.

If online schooling isn't an option, we offer a complete school program in a public school for U18 players. 

However, the early training sessions will be missed.

For those parents interested in private schooling, we suggest to do it with our partner at Laude Altillo School situated in Jerez de la Frontera, considered one of the best private schools in Spain. 

Now at a price of 650€ per month.


If this is an option you are considering, then parents would need to obtain a document translated in Spanish language showing the last studies finished by the players in their countries.

And parents will need to apply for a place in the schools, in the right dates established for every school, with enough time to begin the course, usually first week of September.


Our staff would happily assist with the application process.

For further information in regards to the process involved when combining both education and training sessions contact us through email or call us on +34 618584215