Goalie in Action

Our story

Established in 2011 Nextstars football academy has grown into a great community since. Starting back from more than 10 years ago with big ideas, potential and drive Antonio Valero made a promise to himself that he wants to make a truly successful academy. Our football team keeps growing day by day with all the hard work every player, every coach and every staff member puts in. It's a community that values not only the physical health of each individual, but also the mentality. 

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The Academy has a large network of contacts that includes coaches, sporting directors, scouts, ex-footballers and player agents.

The players are fully submerged into a full time football program . We offer technical and physical training on a daily basis with highly experienced coaches. 

Training approach

Nextstars Academy aims at bringing the best out of our football players. There's a tight schedule with access to numerous facilities like swimming pool, gym and extra training sessions which helps to build up the disciplinary aspect of each individual.